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Convert Your DNG files with the Best Online DNG Converter

DNG Converter is one of the must have tools that helps you manage your raw image files. Being a photographer you need save your files in uncompressed format at times. You also have to edit to add interest or change the images as per the need of the clients. With a handy tool such as DNG Converter you can convert your raw DNG files to various formats and edit your files as you want. Since this is a free online tool you do not have to look for paid software for conversion. Fast conversion allows you to save time as well. So check out this great online converter and save your raw images without compressing whenever there is need without any problem.  

What are DNG files?

If you are not really aware of the DNG files, here is some basic information that can help. DNG basically stands for Digital Negative Image files. This file format is used to save digital photos in an uncompressed format. It is a public archival format with a universal open format that allows you to save images. Most photographers have to use this format for managing their work. That is where a DNG Converter comes into play. When you need to convert your raw DNG files to other formats this online tool can help you get the job done within seconds.

Features of DNG Converter

Here are some of the most exciting features that you will be able to enjoy with this DNG Converter online:

  1. Support for variety of formats. DNG Converter gives you the power to convert your raw DNG files to a number of formats including JPG, TIF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and more. It means you don't have to look for different converters to convert your DNG files to different formats. This tool is enough for all types of conversion.
  2. Fast performance. One of the most noteworthy features of this DNG converter is that it is very fast. You will get to save much time as it does not make you wait while it converts your files. Thanks to its latest technologies that allow it to manage conversion like a flash.
  3. User-friendliness. DNG Converter is very easy to use. You will not face any problems learning to use this tool. Simply get online and follow few simple steps and your files will be converted without any issue.
  4. Free tool. While there are many converters that you can find on the market, most of them are paid. DNG Converter is free tool. So when you opt for it you are sure to save lot of money that you cannot save with other quality converters. 
  5. Safe tool. This converter is all safe to use. It is free of all sorts of threatening programs such as viruses, spyware, malware etc. so when you use it you can be sure that your files are safe. 

How to Use DNG Converter?

To use this DNG Converter here are the few steps that you need to follow:

  1. Hit the extension icon
  2. Select DNG image file
  3. Click "convert all"
  4. When you see the download link click and your files will be converted instantly.

With all these features and ease of use, DNG Converter makes the best choice for all. So try this online tool and you will know its worth.

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