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Fastest NEF Converter for Converting Your Files to Multiple Formats

NEF Converter is designed to help you convert your files into a wide range of formats fast and easy. This online converter allows you to convert raw image files for your Nikon digital camera and manage your images in the best possible way. Thanks to its tons of features and latest technology that allows you to save time and money both. With the help of this free online tool you can convert your heavy image files and retain their quality too. 

What is NEF format?

NEF or Nikon Electronic Format is used solely on Nikon digital cameras. It is basically a Nikon Raw Image file which works like other raw image files by saving your files in uncompressed format. Since these files are heavy, NEF Converter can be useful when you need to convert them later. The tool allows you to convert your files into various formats as and when required.

Features of NEF Converter

NEF Converter is known for its variety of great features that makes it better than any ordinary converter. From being a free tool to support for multiple formats, this online tool can prove to be the best converter for Nikon camera users. Here are few features that make it a great choice:

Speed. One of the best things about NEF Converter is that it works very fast. The tool allows you to convert your files within seconds. Though these raw files are heavy, it does not take long time for conversion due to its new technology supporting high speed conversion.

Freeware. NEF Converter is a free tool. Unlike most good converters around, it does not cost you anything. That means you can save lot of money while converting your NEF files to any format of your choice.

User-friendly. All users look for tools that are easy to use. Most photographers and others don't have time to play with software that are not easy to use. NEF Converter is a highly user-friendly tool that is ideal for users looking for quick conversion solutions.

Support for a wide variety of formats. NEF Converter makes a great tool as it allows you to convert your NEF files to a number of formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and more. Whether you need to convert you're your NEF files to JPG or Gif, this online tool is all that you need.

How to Use NEF Converter

Using this online converter is no big deal. It works as most simple converters do. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Firstly, click extension icon
  2. Then select NEF file that you want to convert
  3. Now hit the "convert all" button
  4. When the download file link appears, click on it and your files will be downloaded.

A Simple Converter for Nikon Digital Camera Users

NEF Converter is a powerful converter that helps you manage your raw image files. So if you are a Nikon digital camera user, make sure you check out this tool. It will prove to be your best buddy every time you need to convert your file.

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